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LPC News 2008-2009
2008-2009 Year-End Awards:

Spirit Award: Presented in 2009 to Ally Mueller, for endless enthusiasm and smiles at all LPC events. Ally also had 100% attendance at events and both mounted and unmounted meetings over the year.

Education Awards: for the veteran Pony Clubbers who helped teach new members by giving presentations on a variety of horse management topics. The 2009 winners were Elizabeth Ballard, Corrine Milnamow, Kristen Koenig, Alex Belton, Katherine Keever.

PONY CLUBBER OF THE YEAR, aka The Mayo Trophy: For the member who exhibits outstanding character and sportsmanship; a real willingness to help others; someone who actively and regularly participates in LPC meetings, sets a good example for others in every day living on or off a horse. Awarded to Elizabeth Ballard in 2009 for attending all LPC meetings and events and for selflessly sharing her horse Crystal with members who did not have a horse.

Hamilton Armstrong Trophy: Presented to a member who rides at the D level during the season. Somone who has shown competence, and practices and demonstrates patience and understanding of horses; someone who actively and regularly participates in LPC meetings and activities, shows consistent effort to learn, cooperates with members and instructors and shows steady progress. Presented to Natalie Nardella in 2009.

Margaret Svenson Award: awarded to a member who is willing to help others in a caring way; someone who is respectful of his or her teacher and fellow members; someone who listens to criticism with an open mind; someone who is willing to put forth a special effort to be positive and motivated; someone who is full of spirit and goes out of his or her way to make others feel good about themselves. Presented to Max Michelson in 2009.

Wooster Trophy, donated in memory of Colonel James Wooster: Awarded to a C level rider who has the ability to get along with different types of horses; someone who practices care, patience and understanding of horses, actively participates in LPC meetings. Shares skills taught in LPC. Awarded to Katherine Keever in 2009.

Carol Northrop award, donated in honor of Carol Northrop, who was one of the original founders of LPC: Given to an adult volunteer for actively and regularly participating in LPC meetings and activities; someone who gives unselfishly of his or her time and efforts to further the activities of this club and its members, sets a good example of leadership, dedication and character for other sponsors and LPC members; someone who is truly a positive and motivating influence on all aspect of the Pony Club organization. Awarded to Brittnie Chidsey in 2009.

Grant Buelow and Fred Harris Jr. Horse Management Award: Awarded to someone who shows consistent improvement with horse management techniques in daily horse care and at regular meetings; someone willing to share horse management skills with others and takes pride in Pony Club Standards of horse management. Awarded to Maury Cherny in 2009.

Adult volunteer award: Nancy Asher for letting LPC and the Western NY Region of USPC use her facility, Canterbury Stables for ratings, clinics, and meetings. Mrs. Asher also opened up her home to LPC on a weekly basis for quiz preparation and donated LPC jackets for members.
LPC News 2009-2010
Submitted to HorseBits Magazine by Becca Ballard, January 2011:

The Limestone Pony Club completed their 2010 year with an awards Banquet which was held on November 18th, at St. James Church in Cazenovia.

The 2010 officers; Cynthia Cherny (DC), Andrea Belton (Treasurer), and Lucy Michelson (Secretary), said they were very proud of their thirteen members. Cynthia Cherny stated, " You are a great bunch or Pony Clubbers and I am honored to work with all of you. Tonight was very special and I can't say enough about all of your hard work and dedication. It is a joy to see how much all of you love horses from the riding to the horse management. You guys make a great team."

Congratulations to the 2010 award winners- Pony Clubber of the Year: Max Michelson, Wooster Trophy: Cori Smith, Hamilton Armstrong Sr. Trophy: Lizzy Ballard, Margaret Svenson Award: Haley O'Brien, Grant Buelow/Fred Harris Jr. Horse Management Award: Alex Belton, The Spirit Award: Maura Cherny, The Adult Volunteer Award: The LaFrenz family, who generously offered their facility to Limestone Pony Club for mounted meetings.

The Limestone Pony Club was most honored to give the Carol Northrop Award to John Barrett. John also received this award in 1989. John has dedicated many years to the club, while his children were involved in the late 1980s, and now, 20 years later. Mrs. Cherny said, " He is a wonderful dedicated adult volunteer and we are greatful to have him with LPC." The club also wishes to thank its outstanding coaches and facility owners: Julie LaFrenz, cross country coach and ratings examiner, Kristin Spurgeon, dressage coach, and Jinnie Garrett, show jumping coach.

From the LPC News, January 2010:

LPC announces its slate of officers for the 2010 season, elected by unanimous vote during the October 20, 2009 Sponsors' meeting hosted by Andrea Belton of Chittenango, NY. Incoming Co-DC's are Kevin Coursen of Manlius, NY and Cynthia Cherny of Cazenovia, NY; Treasurer, John Barrett of DeWitt, NY; Co-Treasurer, Andrea Belton of Chittenango, NY; and Secretary, Lucy Michelson of Eaton, NY.

According to out-going DC, Becca Ballard, "This group is the real heart of LPC right now, they were all extremely supportive throughout the year and I know with their leadership, 2010 is going to be one of LPC's best years."

Kevin is returning to the Co-DC post and has two daughters who are LPC Alumni. They will be helping their father and LPC's riding members at their farm Pheasant Hollow in Nelson, NY. Cynthia has two daughters riding at Canterbury Stables in Cazenovia, NY: her daughter Maura is a D1 and rumor has it Maura's sister Grace is going to join this year.

Lucy is well known in the area for all the great work she has done with 4-H, and of course, for being mother to Max, one of the only boys riding horses in Central New York right now (something this 13 year-old boy is just beginning to appreciate). John has been with LPC since the beginning. He became an officer again last year and has helped LPC reconnect with a lot of alumni, officers, and sponsors from the 60's and 70's.
LPC News 2010-2011
LPC News, Submitted by Jinnie Garrett, July 2011:

Cori and her horse, Mito, will be competing in Beginner Novice Eventing at Championships as part of a scramble team with girls from Maine, North and South Carolina.

They also competed in the WNY dressage rally, hosted by Mendon PC on July 2nd. Cori was part of a team, the 'Mix-Ups,' with Morgan Barron (Red Jacket), Caity Wischermann and Quinn Ackerman (Mendon). The team placed 3rd in dressage and 2nd in HM out of the 10 teams competing. (See photos page)

John "Kenny" Barrett's passing, June 20, 2011:

Limestone Pony Club has lost a dear friend, sponsor, and supporter. John was the Distrisct Commissioner of LPC for many years while his daughter was very active in Pony Club. After retiring from being the D.C., he recently became involved once again in LPC helping out with officer duties and attending club meetings. His support and love for our club will be dearly missed.

Results from the 2011 WNY Region Quiz Rally, April, 2011:

Jr. D Scramble Team- Maura- team placed 1st and qualified for Championships
Sr. D Team- Max, Carly, Grace- team placed 3rd
C Scramble Team- Alex- team placed 1st and qualified for Championships

Submitted to HorseBits Magazine by Becca Ballard, January 2011:

The 2011 officers have been elected as follows: District Commissioner: Cynthia Cherny, Treasurer: Andrea Belton, Co-Treasurer: John Barrett, Secretary: Lucy Michelson. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Limestone Pony Club for the 2011 season, please contact Cynthia Cherny at
To learn how you can join in the fun and become part of an outstanding youth organization dedicated to developing the character and self-confidence of your young rider, please contact Cynthia Cherny, LPC District Comissioner at: (315) 655-3520 or send an email to  
LPC News, November 2011:

This year we have seven new members joining our club! LPC is glad to have so many new people interested in Pony Club. We can't wait for the season's upcoming rallies and mounted meetings. LPC may also be taking part in the pilot program for the Western discipline track in USPC. We have so much to look forward to in 2012.

LPC also recently hosted our annual awards dinner at the Cherny's residence. Our six members from last year were in attendance, as well as Pony Club parents and our three PC coaches.

Congratulations to the 2011 award winners- Pony Clubber of the Year: Maura Cherny, Wooster Trophy: Alex Belton, Hamilton Armstrong Sr. Trophy: Haley O'Brien, Margaret Svenson Award: Grace Cherny, Grant Buelow/Fred Harris Jr. Horse Management Award: Cori Smith, The John Barrett Spirit Award: Max Michelson

LPC would also like to thank The LaFrenz family for allowing LPC to host our mounted meetings and ratings on their property.
LPC News 2011-2012